Integrate Bill & Pay With Popular Accounting Software

Bill & Pay is a fully independant invoicing and payment processing platform that integrates directly with popular accounting software. Our synchronization process eliminates all double entry of data. You create your customers and invoices in your accounting system and Bill & Pay handles the details for you.

See below for more about how your data entry, billing and payment entry can be made easier with Bill & Pay.

with quickbooks
Supported Versions
  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks 2002+ Pro
  • QuickBooks 2002+ Premier
  • QuickBooks 2002+ Enterprise
  • QuickBooks 2002+ Accountant
  • QuickBooks Mac from App Store

Integrate with QuickBooks

  • Customer Portal with Account History
  • Save on QuickBooks credit card processing fees by choosing the merchant account provider you want
  • Sync customers, invoices, payments, credit memos and statement charges
  • No need to "send" invoices — Bill & Pay can send automatically with link to pay
  • Recurring payments works with memorized invoices and manually created invoices in QuickBooks so Bill & Pay automatically pays the invoice balance on the invoice due date using ACH or credit cards
  • Payments automatically applied to the correct invoice — eliminates data entry and errors
  • Payments are credited to A/R and placed in un-deposited funds
  • Payments applied to jobs with unique payer account login option
  • Bank deposit equals total payment amount — fees billed separately at month end
  • Accept payments without an invoice as a sales receipt or unapplied credit including a memo note
  • Checks and other payments made directly into QuickBooks sync into Bill & Pay for online viewing
  • Level 3 payment processing with line item detail taken directly from the QuickBooks invoice
  • Employee access to Bill & Pay with over 20 security options

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Bill & Pay is the complete

invoicing and payment solution that has the best integration with QuickBooks and Xero. Accept ACH and Credit Card payments with any merchant account.