Subscription Payments

Use your existing Merchant Account

Credit Card subscription payments

ACH subscription payments

Seven payment frequency options

Set up frequently used profiles

Synchronizes with QuickBooks

Easily and automatically collect subscription payments from your customers with Bill & Pay.

Bill & Pay includes subscription payments, with all its other powerful invoicing and payment features, for as low as $24.00 per month and $0.55 per transaction.

  • Use your existing merchant account or allow us to provide you a competitive quote for a new merchant account
  • Use our ACH service, at no extra cost, to accept payments from checking accounts and save money
  • Save time by setting up subscription profiles you use frequently
  • Seven scheduling options:
    Weekly, bi-weekly, twice-per-month, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually
  • You choose the starting date of your subscription plans
  • Optionally charge separate down payment with a different payment amount
  • Subscription plans can continue indefinitely or have an end date
  • QuickBooks users choose if the payments are brought in as a received payment or a sales receipt
  • Use all of Bill & Pay's other features
Bill & Pay is the complete

invoicing and payment solution that has the best integration with QuickBooks and Xero. Accept ACH and Credit Card payments with any merchant account.